Wednesday, 14 March 2018


The Coalition for Affordable and Regular Electricity (CARE) and the Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN) calls on workers, market men and women, students, trade unionists, artisans, activists, well meaning organizations, communities who have been resisting crazy bill to unite in common interests and begin to demand the renationalization of the power sector because privatization has failed woefully. CARE and SPN are oppose to the privatization of the power sector, responsible to the shameful collapse of industries that is now museum or tourist centres due to the policies of feeding the fat cats.

Since the privatization of the sector sold at a bottom price of $400 million, an industry that worth more than $3 trillion, power supply hasn't improved. The Generating and Distributing Companies have successfully continue to drill billions of Naira from the poor masses through issuing crazy bills. For five years now the power industry have been privatized. Power generation has remain in stale-ment without any meaningful improvement. In fact, it is between 2000 to 4000 megawatts. And now it is worst that in many communities who hardly see light and at the end of the month are forced to pay as high as N10000, N12000, N15000 which is the least.

While the GENCOS and DISCOS are running a super-rich agenda, making profit through crazy billings. It's plan to subsequently increase electricity tariff to 65% which is equivalent to N65 per kilowatts. The excuse given by these private companies generating billions of naira from the exploitative billing and supplying darkness is that, the cost of running the power industry is expensive. But the truth must be told. These private companies who bought the power sector at a cheaper price, hasn't been able to boost of bursting the megawatts to at least 8000 for a start talking of 80000 megawatts to power an economy like Nigeria that should be industrial.

Sunday, 11 March 2018


Child Labour is not a new phenomena. It is something that had been trending for years before this period. But what troubles people is the tendency at which these things emanate and how is spreading in different continents of the world: Africa, America, Asia, Europe etc. 

It was Saturday 16 January, 2018 when I went to visit a friend nearby where I reside. Between the hour of 7am to 9am. Sound from his (Efe) window caption my attention. At first I wanted to ignore it but I couldn't. Hearing the sound from where I was. I decided to move closer to the window to listen, which forces me to write this experience. 

It was about an Eleven year old girl whose name is Gloria who hail from Mgbidi, Imo State, Nigeria. She was moved to Bariga, Lagos with the promise of her furthering her education in the city. But fate went against her. According to her she said. 'I was told by the woman who came from the city that I am brilliant and intelligent. Saying to my mum I don't deserved to live in the villagelHearing this, I was enthusiastic to go to the city to further my education.

Sunday, 18 February 2018


Monday 21 January,  2017; about Hundred and Fifty Three Non-Academic Staff Union workers (NASU) University of Lagos gathered at exactly 7:00am beside the Senate Building UNILAG to hold a protest meeting where the press: Silverbird Television was invited.

The demands of the workers were that the Unilag management must pay them their unpaid salaries, stop intimidating and bedevilling them, provision of better working condition, respect the democratic rights of them to unionize. NASU insisted that they won't go back to work until the school authority meet their demands.